Ground School

The First Jump Course is held at the Glencairn Neighbourhood Recreation Centre

First Jump Course Location:
2626 Dewdney Ave EAST Regina, SK
(Just off Fleet Street North of Costco)
N 50° 27.309, W 104° 32.622
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See what the Glencairn Neighbourhood Rec. Center looks like. (Google Street View)

Drop Zone

Skydive South Sask is located 4 km north of Highway 1, on Highway 301.

Drop Zone Location:
N 50° 26.092
W 105° 23.431
UTC -6
Land Location- SE1/4 16-17-25-West of the 2nd
RM 161
Elevation 1896 feet

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See what the turn off to the Drop Zone lookes like off Hwy 301. (Google Street View)

Corman Air Park Saskatoon Tandems

Saskatoon Tandem Week is held at Corman Air Park:

Located approximately 17 km southeast of Saskatoon
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N 52° 0.169, W 106° 27.780
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See what the entrance to Corman Air Park looks like (Google Street View)