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Solo First Jump

Progressive Freefall

Progressive Freefall (PFF)

PFF is a method of skydive training which is considered "accelerated" because this progression is the fastest way to experience solo freefall. All jumps are normally from 10,500 ft. Jumps are initially made with two PFF Instructors who exit the aircraft with you. As you progress, one PFF Instructor accompanies you on your jumps.

Candidate space is extremely limited and is only offered to those who have taken the IAD course and have shown exceptional skills at the possibility of progressing through this accelerated method. All candidates are handpicked by the instructors through their performance at the drop zone. Price, commitment and scheduling will be explained to those chosen from the IAD program.

The PFF program takes you to the completion of jumps to finish the skills required for your CSPA Solo Certificate.

* Additional costs will incur if a specific level must be repeated..

Freefall Progression

Stage Task Minimum Standard
Level 1 Deploying your parachute Fall stable, perfrom (x3) practice pulls, open parachute @ 5,000 ft (two instructors)
Level 2 Stop and start turns Establish eye contact, keep heading, practice starting and stopping turns, practice pulls, open parachute @ 5,000 ft (two instructors)
Level 3 Introduciton to solo flight Follow instructor who is in front of you, practice pull, open parachute @ 5,000 ft (two instructors)
Level 4 Solo freefall Controlled exit, stable free fall, controlled 360 degree turns, open parachute @ 5,000 ft
Level 5 Solo exit, pull practices and turns On Heading within 5 seconds and maintain heading for (x2) practice pulls, (x2) 360 degree turns, open parachute @ 5,000 ft
Level 6 Pre-Solo Front flip exit, stable freefall position for (x3) practice pulls, Figure 8 maneouver, open parachute @ 4,000 ft
Level 7 Solo Exit solo, refine turns and pull sequence, belly to earth @ 5,000 ft, open parachute @ 4,000 ft
Level 8 Checkout Jump Perform figure 8, belly to earth @ 5,000 ft, open parachute @ 4,000 ft
Level 9 5,000 ft jump Exit @ 5,000 ft, fall stable for 12 seconds, open parachute @ 3,500 ft

Progressive Freefall (PFF) Availability & Pricing

Course Name Course Date Availability Price
PFF course May - October Hand Picked Candidates Estimated $2,450


Skydive South Sask
Moose Jaw Municipal Airport
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Provincial Competitions

August 20-21,2022
Skydive South Sask


Amazing instructors, safety is very very important. Lots of good people to help you out with anything you want to know. Now with the new 206 up and running as well as the 182, that'll definitely get a few more jumps in.


I have had the opportunity to see some exciting changes in the drop zone. New people take that same thrilling step every year and those people become like your family. You all have something in common and regardless of anything else in life, you are welcomed.


What can I say... it is one great place to learn how to skydive and to have a good time. The staff puts safety before everything else, and the regulars make sure that you have a great time. For experienced jumpers driving through... just stop by and you can get on the next load.

Kelly Weltikol

Took the IAD course at Skydive South Sask and I thought that would be it. I knew I had to do it again and again! Everyone there has helped me in one way or another and they want you to keep coming back.


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