Price structure at Skydive South Sask

2021 Season Prices

Club Membership

Club Membership is only $35.00 so if you are going to do a few jumps it would be worthwhile.
Club Membership is included in the First Jump Course.

Note: To be a member of our club you also require a provincial membership. Saskatchewan's provincial organization is SPAS and the membership fees are $15.00 per year. This is included in the price of the first jump course.

Jump Only Price Structure

Altitude (feet) Members Non-Members Students
10,500 $29.00 $36.00 $75.00
7,500 $23.00 $30.00 $75.00
5,000 $20.00 $27.00 $75.00
3,500 $19.00 $26.00 $75.00


Skydive South Sask
Moose Jaw Municipal Airport
T (306) 569-JUMP
Contact Information
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Provincial Competitions

July 3rd and 4th, 2021 - Skydive Saskatoon


Amazing instructors, safety is very very important. Lots of good people to help you out with anything you want to know. Now with the new 206 up and running as well as the 182, that'll definitely get a few more jumps in.


I have had the opportunity to see some exciting changes in the drop zone. New people take that same thrilling step every year and those people become like your family. You all have something in common and regardless of anything else in life, you are welcomed.


What can I say... it is one great place to learn how to skydive and to have a good time. The staff puts safety before everything else, and the regulars make sure that you have a great time. For experienced jumpers driving through... just stop by and you can get on the next load.

Kelly Weltikol

Took the IAD course at Skydive South Sask and I thought that would be it. I knew I had to do it again and again! Everyone there has helped me in one way or another and they want you to keep coming back.


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